What is the Millennium Mums project?

The Millennium Mums project is a national study of working mothers who had babies in October and November 2011.  The project examines their experiences with leave from their employer and decisions about paid employment, as well as family life, health and wellbeing around the birth of their baby. 

The study began in 2012, funded by the then Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs as part of the evaluation of the introduction of the Paid Parental leave scheme.  Through additional funding from the Australian Research Council and continued funding from the Department of Social Services the study will continue on an annual basis until 2015.The goal of the extension of the Millennium Mums project is to study changes in mother’s work and family lives during their child’s preschool years.

Why your participation is important

Whether you are currently in paid employment or not, your unique experiences and opinions are extremely important for the Millennium Mums project.The survey results and reports we generate from them will help to directly inform policy around supporting mothers to combine work and family in their lives.

Who manages Millennium Mums?

Responsibility for the design and management of the Millennium Mums project rests with the Institute of Social Science Research (ISSR) at the University of Queensland in collaboration with researchers at the Australian National University and the University of Sydney. 

Survey administration and data collection is undertaken by the Social Research Centre, a private market research company.

What we do with your information?

The information you provide is used purely for research purposes.It is treated with the highest levels of confidentiality, we cannot individually identify you. Your data is stored on a secure server at the University of Queensland that can only be accessed by the research team. No information that identifies you will be published in any form, or passed to any other researchers, bodies or individuals.