How long will the Millennium Mums project run for?

The project will run indefinitely. The study has been funded until 2015.  We will apply for more funding to extend the study in 2016 and beyond when children are entering pre-school and primary school.

Why are the surveys important?

Your experiences and opinions, whether you are working or not, are crucial for us to understand how mothers juggle work and family, what influences the decisions they make about working and the supports at a social policy level that would help them better manage combing work and motherhood.

How much of my time, as a participant, will it take me?

We are aware that mothers of young children are extremely busy and have designed the surveys so that most mothers will complete the interview in about 30 minutes.

What will you do with the survey results, and how does this help the community?

The survey data will be analysed thoroughly and a final report detailing the outcomes of the project will be available publicly on the website and will be promoted to policy makers. In addition dissemination activities including conference papers and seminars will be used to promote discussion of this research project and its findings.

Will my data be confidential?

The information you provide is treated with the highest levels of confidentiality, we cannot individually identify you.  Your data is stored on a secure server at the University of Queensland that can only be accessed by the research team.  No information that identifies you will be published in any form, or passed to the Department of Social Services or to any other researchers, bodies or individuals.  The project has been approved by the University of Queensland and the Australian National University ethics committees.

Who initiated the study?

The study was initiated by the Australian Government through the then Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (FaHCSIA). The project began because the Department wanted to evaluate the impact of the introduction of the Governments Paid Parental Leave scheme on the workforce participation, gender equity and health and wellbeing of working mothers.