Analytics expertise

ISSR researchers lead the development of new analytics software and have successfully patented a range of applications for analysing text-based data in scientifically defensible ways, including:

Leximancer, which supports scientific qualitative data analysis including concept visualisation and mapping. It extracts meaning from text in complex ways, taking into account key issues such as the same word having multiple meanings and very different words having the same meaning. In this way, it provides high-level objective analysis whilst expediting results.

HARVEST, which profiles, searches and filters unstructured data using concepts rather than keywords. It provides analysts with smart searching capabilities, eliminating a reliance on keyword matching and providing the ability to deconstruct large text datasets into concept-rich sub-samples.

Discursis, which allows users to objectively analyse text-based communication data in diverse forms including conversations, web forums, and training scenarios. It automatically processes transcribed text to show participant interactions around specific topics and over the time-course of a conversation.

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